Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh stuff again.

Are you organized? Are you one of these people who know where exactly everything goes and how to get them there and you got it just right all the time???

I am NOT.

Now, to give myself a little fairness.......I'm pretty good at keeping the house "picked up", I have a daily routine that I do to make the beds, laundry, and basic cleaning each day. HOWEVER delegate I can.....organized, I am not. I don't know if it's just my personality or what but I can never seem to "find the perfect spot" for this or that, therefore quite honestly, I have several "junk drawers" "closet maddness" and "toy overload" going on in my home. BUT IT'S CLEAN ya'll because I am an expert on "hiding the junk" and making it look pretty!!...........because that's what counts, right? WRONG.

I have a friend, who is SUPER organized. IN fact, one time I went into her attic and ya'll......I was in AWE. EVERYTHING was labled, in tubs and stacked oh so neatly. Perhaps I should take a picture of HER attic, and then mine.......scary things people!! Seriously, her attic should be on one of those "clean house" shows!

But this morning.....God did it again....he showed me once again how perfectly flawed I am in yet ANOTHER AREA. Oh my (deep sighs).....Did you realize that our God is super organized? He does not thrive on chaos and junk drawers? Did you know that he plans ahead, has a perfect spot for everything and He is a God of order???? Yes, I will be accpeting my awards all in order.......Mother of the year.......Obedient Servant of the year.....Most content......and yes now.....Most organized Home of the year!!!

I started thinking about the awards I have recieved over my lifetime....because it's been forever ya'll...=)........and the awards have been many!! (start your laughing now!)

Hmmmm.....let's see......the first award I remember recieving was in soccer, I must have been like 4!....and I so did deserve that award......"Most likely to sit on the bench." (it was my mom's idea to play....obviously I had bigger fish to barbie and ken's new dream house! duh!)But boy oh boy did I do that trophy proud because I kicked that least ONCE, but I made a really cute friend!!!

Then there were all those "report card" awards.......(ok, my mom is so laughing now!!) "Most likely to talk in class......Most likely to not pay attention.......Most likely to enjoy recess above all".......yes, I did my parents proud!!

But then as I got older, the awards got better.......OH YES...(deep sighs) Still attempting to be someone atheletic.....I continued to play soft-ball and took up tennis....which I did ok in. But something that has stuck with me forever......the award I recieved one year on my tennis team WAS.......(drum roll please!) "Most likely to LOVE being on the team!!" I was like WHAT???? Wow, that's one to hang on the walls.........that was a symphathy award people....just plain sympathy.(my coach totally loved my "team spirit!")..... I think I made the paper.....oh once, during my entire tennis career.....because it was serious win........I think I was senior and I beat a freshman!!!

So, before you start feeling all "gosh she really hates herself"....hang on with me, God's going somewhere with this!! Of course, I've recieved a few really good awards, but, I don't want to talk about those......Because I really believe it's through our most imperfect flaws that Christ is able to shine and speak to us the most about! After all.....if we've got it all figured out....then what good is the Lord to us? We ALL have flaws.....some may be pride, spending habits, anger, resentment, thoughts that won't go away, broken marriages, broken homes......ewe.....this list could go on and on. And I'm sure we all know people who think they are flawless!

But as I've been looking closely at this flaw of organization (and many other things) in my own's truly opened my eyes to see how God is so much in tune with everything we as wives and mom's face each day. I don't know about you......but in my home, chaos leads to disasters. The same with God.....if He was a God of chaos.....can you imagine what our lives would be like?

If we're really good at hiding our I'm good at hiding my junk.....we really are doing ourselves and others no good. This may sound horrible.....but I truly enjoy hearing other's life lessons through failures......because through failures, triumphs are born!! We can learn from other's mishaps....what worked and din't work for them!

We can encourage other's by not being perfect and letting other's know our struggles. It's OK. If we're only out for the make it "look" good to others....there's no victory in that! Don't get me wrong......I LOVE awards, I think they are awesome things to give other's props for good jobs, successful adventures and humble ways!! And I'm a totally "thrive on GOOD JOB NICKI"!!!! Words of affirmation is one of my love langugages. But, I can get caught up with only doing things to hear that! THAT'S NOT GOOD.

3 things the Lord showed me through His words this morning about these many "flaws" of mine!!! =)

1. According to 2 Samuel 22:31 the ONLY thing that is flawless in this lifetime is God's word!! "As for God, his way is perfect, the word of the Lord is flawless." Therefore, I must balance my life according to His words......where I don't line up with scripture....I am at fault! (and oh are there many faults!)

2. God is a God of order! Genesis 1:1-7....hmmm....he did a pretty good job of creating everything in order! Wouldn't you agree? Therefore, my home needs to be a home of order and organization. I know according to Phillipian 4:13, "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!" Even organizing a home when it doesn't come "naturally" to me!!

3. My attitude effects my enviornment! Proverbs 17:1 "Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.".......Although I don't have it all figured out, and most likely never will, the peace and love I can bring my home is worth more than anything...including an organzied home!! I have to recognize my flaws and know that God IS working through them!

Well......I have just gone on and on today. I'd better go. I hope this all makes sense, I've barely read over it this morning! But, comments are ALWAYS loved, wanted, welcomed and needed!! =) You know that "girl" I am!! I hope you have a great day and a great weekend! I'm going to get some MUCH needed color on these roots! Oh my....that's a whole nother blog!! =) Blessed day to you!!


Sharon said...

We are His masterpiece.I guess if the picture started "finished" no one would really appreciate the talent of the artist.
I have love the times I was able to see a work in progress.
You are right--we are that work.A work that He will continue to work on until He rings us home.
And I am sooooo not perfect.He has a lot of work to do.
Sometimes it is good for us to be able to put out there that we are not perfect.I enjoy being able to put my trip on my blog.
We work out out faith with fear and trembling.I know some people probably think-- here she goes again, but it is me.
If someone can maybe not feel so alone in what they are going through--that is a good thing.
Keep walking---I will too.
In Gods book the victory goes to the one who finishes the race.
We will finish!

Neva said...

It is very difficult for those who are organized to allow God to organize their lives. Patience is the perpetual dangling carrot and we seem to be such an impatient lot. I am thankful that He is patient with us and that He is a God of order along with a God of grace and mercy.
Have a beautiful worship tomorrow.