Monday, January 07, 2008

Make it work Monday

The Lord just continually BLOWS ME AWAY!!! I'm so in awe of Him and the awesome grace He has shown me this morning! This last week was kinda a rough week....I say "rough" very cautiously, because nothing tragic happened, and there truly is nothing "rough" about my life, I just wasn't getting a lot of clarity on anything in my life and I know you know how that just be in a holding position with the Lord. I am not a stand still kinda girl, I want to move on and press through and get to the "next thing".

I realized one of my faults a great deal a few weeks ago while driving down the road with the backseat tot driver, Kennedy. While we were having a very peaceful morning, no rushing or anything like that. Sitting at a light enjoying the peace and quiet which is RARE, I was changing the radio station and all of the sudden I hear a shriek of, "Et's Go, Ove it opele!" your interpretation is: "Let's Go! Move it People!"..........I thought, OH MY WORD??? Where has she heard SUCH a thing???

Hmmmm........I really don't know.(ya right)

Seeing your children discipline their baby dolls (or each other), listening to them "talk" on their cell phones, watching them react to different situations really puts things in perspective! And just as they soak up each and everything thing their momma says and does......good and bad!, the Lord really connected this with me this morning!'s a "wise" thing! But, how can I make wisdom, which I lack so much of, work daily in my life?? Yesterday our Pastor, Dr. Rummage gave a kick tooshie sermon about wisdom and it really got my wheels turning! And how do I discern the voice of God's wisdom and those around me?

There set in some major conviction yesterday as Dr.Rummage preached these words, "We tell our children to choose our friends wisely.....the same goes for you and I. We have to be careful to not surround ourselves with foolishness." I will NEVER forget one time my friend, Leigh, (girl, don't kill me for telling people this!) told her oldest Tucker, "QUIT acting like a fool!". At first, I thought she was being a little aren't all kids a bit "foolish". Although she may not remember this, I sure do! Those words stuck with me........why? Because how many times a day do I really need to tell MYSELF, "Quit acting like a fool!"?? Her son probably didn't even realize that he was acting "foolish" and she needed to point it out! And oh how I can at many times feel the breath of God saying, "Quit your foolishness!" and I don't even "realize" what's going on?!

It's easy to point out when other's are acting foolish, but pointing it out in yourself sometimes isn't all that easy. The Lord allowed my Kennyboo to point out that many, to many times, while driving, I get frustrated with "other's" foolishness, but in fact through that my own foolishness showed out BIG TIME. I really could write a whole blog on all the times I've been foolish in my life! Seriously!

God's wisdom leads us into not acting foolishly. It's only through His words and guidance that we will not walk in foolish ways. But the convicting part of this sermon yesterday was on friendships......choosing them very wisely. I've always said, I don't pick my friends, I never seem to end up friends with the person I thought I would. The Lord consistently reminds me of this. But, I guess the hard part of this, is something I'm quite sure you can relate to.......

If we see others who are close to us walking in foolishness and we've tried so gently to tell them, and they still are blind to it........what do we do? I often think, "But Lord..........then I would have no friends." But, I have to say that those we spend the most time with, they rub off on us, whether we realize it or not. Just like the presence of God......we can't "fake" our time with will show whether we want it to or not. Take this example:

Yesterday we were outside enjoying our "Spring-Like" weather getting this yard into some kind of shape....I'm not sure what it is yet, but we are going "somewhere" with it. Well, we have a whole back yard FILLED with woods.....I'd say it goes on for about 3 acres or so, it's a lot. Well, we had been taking our extra leaves and dirt and stuff and dumping them WAY BACK into the woods.....thinking surely no one would care about some leaves, branches and dirt in the WOODS because WE wouldn't have cared! Right??? WRONG.

I should've known better........the neighbor who lives behind us (well, kinda behind us.....more like to the side and back) has never even WAVED hello at us in the six months we've lived here......(she fits very well into this un-friendly neighborhood). Well, she saw us doing this and saw it VERY fit to come and tell us those were HER WOODS and we were NOT WELCOME to put LEAVES AND DIRT in her woods because she was going to be selling her house soon and didn't want a bigger "mess" in the WOODS. OH MY WORD..... Well......excuse me! Nice to meet you too! When will you be putting your house up for sale??? (I know.....ugly thoughts.)

After this happened, the whole mood of our family changed, even Kris! (And it takes A LOT to set him off) But although I didn't see it at the time, I totally see it now......that tiny example of someones just plain rudeness, changed our mood immediately! It's the same way, good or bad with friends. Whoever we are around rubs off on us in some way! Now hopefully the kindness of my hubby rubbed off on her and hopefully our big stack of sticks in our yard that she can very visibly see will rub off too! =) hee hee! JUST KIDDING (but not really).

My point is this.......whatever we do good or bad, it's all got a rhyme and reason to it! Proverbs 4:5-6 "Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them. Do not forsake wisdom, she will watch over you." So today I'll be looking out for my "foolish ways" and seeking out God's wisdom all day to watch over me. I'm QUITE sure my days will go much better if I truly stop and ask, "Am I acting like a fool?" Hmmmmmmmm......Have a blessed day!


Leigh Gray said...

Fools don't fall far from the tree either.... He learned it well!

If it (that statement) helped you even to this day what was said so long ago, then prasie Him!!! And I guess praise Him for tucker acting a fool!! hee hee

love you soooooooooo!

BunnyGirl said...

Hey Nicki,
It was lovely to have you visit my blog today. So glad you liked it and stopped to leave a comment. I loved this post because we sometimes forget the power of our words and actions infront of others and the impact.

Thank you for this.

Pastor Lisa said...

Out of the mouth of babes they say...

Sharon said...

First it was cool to see that you met bunny girl.
I love it when our blogging community becomes smaller.
I acted like a fool today.
How is that for honesty? :)
My first response is to say my son set me off. THen I just got stupid.
Yes, I said the S word.
For shame I know.
But then each time I would like to be able to blame my reactions on someone or something I see God standing there with His hands on His hips just shaking His head.
And then I say--I know Lord, if it was not in me--they could not bring it out of me. Sorry God.

For me--when the love of God is dwelling richly in my heart--then the wisdom of God flows freely through my actions.
Good post.
I think it is cool when we see God teaching His people the same thing.

Kellan said...

I think I act like a fool more often than I'd like to admit. I enjoyed this post - it was very thought provoking. Thanks - Kellan