Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How far will Grace go?

This morning, through my precious moments with the Lord I almost felt a bit scared as I approached His throne. Not in a bad like "ooooo" kinda way, just like a "it's been a while" kinda way. It has been some time since I got up extra early to meet with my heavenly Father. I had been ok with it, still getting lot's from my quite times but always felt a bit guilty as I knew this early quite time stuff is what God has not asked but "required" of me.

As I got into my prayer time, it got very sweet, very quickly. I have been praying BIG for a long time now. But, my lack of faith, or my fear of the unknown is what I believe has kept me from God's perfect blessings. And I started to ask myself...how far am I willing to allow God's grace to come over me? Is it just enough to not make me feel guilty anymore of the sins that I have WAY OVERLY confessed.......or is it enough to fully walk in God's blessing?

James 4:6 says this "He gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." I really thought hard about that scripture because as God has definitely made me humble of the past few years.......I wondered about my pride that has been crushed more than once in the past few years. But then I got it! Grace totally goes with humbleness.......if we don't ever go through things that make us humble, then how will we truly know God's grace????

I know some VERY prideful people and I'm sure many of them would be the first to say they are full of pride. But where I stumble and maybe this is just a personal issue.....it seems like the more humbleness God brings to you, there is much more to follow. Where as many people who are prideful, don't have a lot of "surfacy" stuff going on. Like.....financial problems, health concerns or stuff like that. I'm sure they have a LOT of God "stuff" going on......but I'm just very confused with this whole issue. Like it seems like the prideful people are the ones who "have it all".

So......where does our pride and grace meet? Where do you draw the line from pride full to humble? Where does God's promises stand with this? I mean this scripture says it plain and clear......"God opposes the proud, and gives grace to the humble." So hmmm......here's what I'm thinking. If humbleness leads to grace then we'd better be thanking God for our humble moments. Because it's only through THOSE awful moments that we are truly going to be able to receive the blessing. And maybe the blessing is different for each of us.....I don't know. But I know my question in my life today is, "How far am I willing to allow God's grace to touch me today?" "Do I just let it be "surfacy" or do I let it dig down deep??"

Walking by Faith and Not by Sight,

PS- WE HAVE HEAT!!! YAY!!!! =)


Sharon said...

I am being to think that being humble is being empty.As in-I got nothing.I was really here last week. It is a place of sweet pain.
A place of realizing that without Him-I don't have anything you want.
And if I have something you want--it is only good if it is coming straight form the throne.
I think you will find the devotion in my post pretty interesting.
Instead of "going for broke"--I am going for empty.
Let's be fine together.
Read my post you will understand.

MelanieJoy said...

I wanted to say thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog...
thanks for stopping by.
This is a good post...I tend to ask this question alot too.