Monday, October 01, 2007

90 minutes in Heaven and other stuff!

There has been a book that has captured my heart this week. 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper is absolutley an amazing story. I'm almost finished with the book and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone searching for answers to as what's to come. I've always longed for the day where I will enter past those pearly gates but after reading the chapter where he describes it so incredibly, I put the book down and looked up into the sky and imagined what it's really going to be like. Along with being a very inspiring story in itself, this book is like a glimpse into heaven!! What a MIGHTY glorious place it is!!

I've been a busy bee writing my next bible study. I've had a hard time focusing on one particular topic, I feel like I'm all over the place. I hope to have it done by November so that I can start the next group then. Of course I hope some of the last bible study ladies can come back, but I always open it up to anyone, but this time it will also be our Sunday School class. Can I tell you how scary it is to put yourself out there in front of people who you just aren't sure how they view you??? Like, I feel comfortable sharing my heart on this blog because I never have to see any of your faces while you read it!! =) And I feel comfortable sharing my heart with close friends because I know they are going to love me anyways! But when you start to expand your territory into the "unknown" THAT'S scary.

I'm super excited about this weekend. It's the breath of heaven conference at our church. I've never been able to attend one before but I've heard it's amazing. I'm so ready to just BE STILL and soak all that wisdom up!! Oh how I need to feel God's breath right now, in the midst of this all!! You know when you're not walking in God's ways, the enemy pretty much leaves you alone, because you're doing no good so why should he bother with you? But then when you start to persue God's out, he kicks into overtime, and that's what he has done with me this past week.

I realized something though, something I need to work out......I depend on to much confirmation from my blog. I guess because I'm such a people pleaser, I'm always hoping for people to say good job or yay! And then when people don't, I start to really question myself. That's the downside of a blog. So for the next few weeks while I'm writing this bible study, I probably won't be sharing a lot of my quiet times....I feel like I'm in a very intimate position with the Lord and He is speaking and I need to listen only to Him.

I know many people can relate to this feeling I'm experiencing, I'll still be around, just not as much and not as deep. My plan is once this study is done and I get a group going, is to have a devotional blog from the study. Hopefully that will all work out, but again MY PLANS are almost NEVER HIS PLANS. =)

The girly's are doing good. Kennyboo continues to push me over and above my limits!! Taylor has been so tender the last few days, just at such a critical point in her life. I'm trying to get her into Cheerdance since she has assured me her passion is Cheerleading! I will support.......from the sidelines this year. =( It's just not possible with the Kennyboo this year, it's not like I can say, "SIT DOWN" to her and she will actually listen! =) I've never seen Taylor so serious about something, and we've tried it,ice-skating,acting lessons, art, soccer, t-ball..she's done a little bit of everything and this seems to be the thing she loves.

HopeAnn will begin ballet in a few weeks as well. She's very excited! She's still my princess and I hope that she will be for a long time. Taylor flew through that phase way to fast! And Kennedy......I don't even know if she'll ever stop being a princess......she now walks around asking "Who da princess?" then she'll raise her hand and answer herself, "ME!". No wonder she has "issues" with other kids!!

Well, it's already half-way through this day and there is still so much to be done.....and messes to be cleaned up!! Does anyone else's house look like tornados flew through on Monday's??? Mine does! Well off to be the happy houseworker HA HA!! =) Have a blessed day!!


Sharon said...

I will give you a right on as far as the study is concerned.
You let God write through you.
I am learning a lot about being a people pleaser. From what I am coming to understand I need to come fact to face with God about the rejection I have faced in the past. Also the root of rejection in me needs to be confessed and pulled out by God.
If I see myself in God's eyes I will not look into another's for confirmation.
I understand what you mean about looking to the comments in blogdom. When you asked me to tell the full story about the prophet speaking over me----I hardly got any comments. I remember thinking--I guess I freaked them out. But, if that was the case, it was not me it was the actions of God. Sometimes we have to be willing to be the messengers that shake people out of their comfortable chairs. Always in love of course. If we have a deep love for God's people then what comes out of our mouth will be spoken because we love so deeply.
Whom much is given much is required.
We serve a God that is not of this world and He does not work as people expect Him to. As we step out on that narrow road you had better believe that people are going to think we are weird. But I can promise you this--those searching for the narrow road will be drawn to you. And those who want nothing to do with the narrow road--they will persecute you. And when that happens you look up into the heavens and you praise the Father for allowing you to share in the blood of Jesus. This persecution will come just as readily from some of the believers around you. I have been there. But, LOVE them. I have had almost all those who stabbed me with their spiritual knives come back later and apologize and thank me for taking the stand I did. Keep you eyes on Him.
Sorry I was so long winded. Filling a little full at the moment. Had to let a little out. :) I think you understand that.
Question--have you taken a spiritual gift test before?
What were the results? Just because you feel fulfilled teaching does not mean that is your main gift.

Nicki said...

Hey my of all people would understand me. Sometimes I read things you write and think I wrote them myself!! =) I totally agree with you on what you are saying, and I too was surprised at the lack of comments you got on that post about the prophet, but then I'm amazed at how on other blogs they simply leave a reciepe and get 100 comments! =)

I have taken the spiritual inventory test and my gifts were tied between sheparding and teaching and hospitality was up right behind that. So hopefully through this bible study I'll be able to tackle each of those! =)

Thanks for always being here in blogland for me! I appreciate it a LOT!!!

Sharon said...

I am glad I came back--I would have missed your comment.
I often think of the verse that says we are to grow up in Christ. I think as we mature we begin to change. What we thought we looked like and the one we thought we knew--she begins to disappear. In her place in the mirror--we see Him.
I have changed so many times--discovering new things that lingered deep inside me. His presence invading our lives brings them to the surface.
Go there--never stop pursuing Him.
I have a little something for you over on my blog.
Don't stop looking with all your heart--He will be found.

Leigh Gray said...

i am with you!!! love, Leigh

My Kid's Mom said...

I apologize for taking so long to come over and visit you, and to thank you for your kind words a couple of weeks ago on my blog! You have a really nice blog here, and a devotional blog sounds like a wonderful idea. Your kids are so precious - what a blessing our children are, even on those days when there are little (and even not-so-little) messes to be cleaned up!

Sharon said...

Hmmmmmm, it has been quiet for too long. I know you are in there--it is time to come out.
Knock, knock?
Is Nicki there?
Can she come out and play?
Sorry, being a little silly.
I have something for you over at my blog --come see.
And it has been quiet. :)