Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My five things

Last Thursday I went to a mom's group at our church called Gems. I've always fought the "mommy groups" with all my might, but I realized a few weeks ago, I'm at a point with this little Kennedy that I need to get out of this house and be around other mom's. Plus, I realized that once the speaker, Mrs.Brown (our preacher's wife) began to speak that I was there for a bigger purpose that just a "free morning". (or an away from Kennedy morning!!) I'm not really into the crafty part that they do but I desperately needed the encouragement I heard from this amazing woman.

The first thing I noticed is that when she speaks, there is a fire inside of her......it's pretty unexplainable. She gets RIGHT to the meat and she sure did have a word from the Lord. We as mother's are always teaching........good and bad. These little eyes are watching us, listening to us and grabbing onto us with all their might. Even when we think they are NOT watching or listening, most likely they are. She asked us to think of three things or in my case five =), that we wanted to teach our children. I had no problem coming up with a list of twenty or more, but I thought I would share my top five. I had thought them over but this morning I decided to lay them down to the Lord, something I should've done FIRST. =)

1. I want them to Love the Lord more than ANYTHING or ANYONE in this world.
2. To have purity in their bodies and hearts
3. Discipline-to be healthy, organized and tidy! poor hopie, we've got a LONG ways to go with the tidy part!! =)
4. Beauty/Grace- to love themselves the way God made them, and to treat other's in a gracious manner...........that includes each other, they can be the best of friends but also the worst of enemies!!
5. How to say "I'm sorry".

So, I asked God to show me a scripture that could tie these things in and what as a mother I needed to do the most. He led me to Genesis 22:2, this is the passage that shares with us the time when Abraham had to "lay his Issac down", to bring his child to God as a sacrifice because that is what God asked of him. When I first read this, I was like, "Lord, why on earth would you ever want us to bring our children before you as a sacrifice". And then I got to the meat of the story......God knew Abraham's heart and He knew that Abraham had an "obedience at all costs" attitude. So, if you've never studied this passage, I highly recommend it, It's truly amazing!! But, when it got to the point for Abraham to lay Issac down on the alter, an angel appeared and told him to STOP and in the brush a ram appeared to be the sacrifice instead.

But what the Lord revealed to me through this, is that in order for my children to see God inside of me, I have to be obedient all the time. And I will be the FIRST to say, I struggle with obedience at all costs, because it's truly NOT FUN, LIFE CHANGING and HARD. But even though Mrs. Brown didn't share this passage, it totally ties in with everything she said. "We have to be the same person at church that we are at home." And that truly means LIVING THE LIFE. I have to be so careful of the way I choose to spend my time, the way I speak and the choices we make as a family. But most importantly, she couldn't have stressed this enough.......I have to be in God's word every day.

Now, I don't think that we are not going to have our "issues" as a family. I'm quite sure there will be heartache in our lives to come. But, I have to know that if I choose this "obedience at all costs" way of thinking, God is going to be gracious. After all, He is a very gracious God!!! There's no such thing as a perfect mother, a perfect Father, but the wonderful thing about our God is HE IS PERFECT. I've already made many, many mistakes with my girls.......and I'm sure I will make many more, but I can find rest in the Lord knowing that I have layed these girl's all down on his alter and I'm trusting in Him to keep His hands upon them. I also find so much joy in the last words Mrs.Brown shared with us........one day these sounds of pitter patter feet will fade away, the little giggles and squeals will all be gone......but, in the meantime, soak it all in......remember what they smell like, what their soft skin feels like, what their sweet voices sound like, what their big blue eyes watched and how I felt each time I held them.........oh it's to early to be getting all mooshy!! =) (tears)

Well, I'd better go, I desperately need a shower, I know you wanted to know that!! Have a blessed BLESSED day!! I love you all!! Hey, I'd love to hear your five (or three) things......comments are ALWAYS welcome!!! Just click the comment button below this post!


Sharon said...

I made so many mistakes with my oldest. I was growing up myself spiritually.
I just want to know my children are truly Christians. That it is more than just words they spoke because it was the right thing to do at the time.
I want them to KNOW God while here on earth. And if I am doing what I am supposed to be do maybe they will get to know Him through my life.
Above all I want to raise children that love to serve Him with a grateful heart.
I so want God to say well done my good and faithful servant when it comes to my children.
I know my Mom and Dad made some mistakes but I turned out O.K-- by the grace of God.

CrownLaidDown said...

Thank you, Nicki, Friend! That was a kindness and a gift to me!!

I am praying those things for your girls, Nicki.

For my children, I want them to be authentic lovers of Jesus without shame. I want them to find themselves in the middle of His calling for them and I am praying that every single generation that comes behind will follow hard in the footsteps of Jesus, each and every one from us on down.

Jason & Tanya said...

AMEN! Great post. Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment.

Boy, what things would I want my children to know? Hmmm, well there really are not enough numbers. :) I guess my first would be that they would know Jesus as their personal Savior. You know that they love Jesus as babies and small children but as they grow will they depend on God? I sure want to help give them the tools to be able to lean on God at all times too. I also want them to know that their dad and I are on their team and no matter what we are rooting for them, through good and bad, just as God is. We will never turn our backs on them just as God won't. I would like them to have good Christian friends and I mean TRUE Christian friends, not just "talking" the walk but "walking" the walk. Ok, I could go on and on but those have to be my main ones. Isn't it funny though how it changes as your children get older. I look back and think of how my goals for myself with my walk with God and how my hubby and I have tried to teach our children, how it has matured and how things change. It is so cool.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and God bless!

Anonymous said...