Monday, September 03, 2007 Christ

Well, today is Labor day and I'm so glad hubby is home!! He works so much and so hard and of course on his day off his choosing to "work" and detail the van. Ugh....but, it's a nice day outside so he would love to be out there doing anything. I'll go help him when I'm done with this post........although lately I've seen he doesn't enjoy my "help". =) Later this afternoon we are heading out to some friend's house to swim and have a cook-out, should be fun!

This morning it was very cool out, so nice we had all the windows open and after Kris went for his run I was able to go for a steps back into running for me!! But as I was walking, I just loved the breeze that God gave me for those quiet few moments. It's so easy to let "life" get at you and bring you become almost "dead" just walking through life, carrying on with the motions because you "have to". Even doing the things you enjoy seem to suck everything out of you........that is how I have felt lately. And then it seems God just throws some "fresh air" on you and it's like you have a whole new perspective! I've been fighting God on my weight.......I guess in total denial still, even though the conviction has been there, I still haven't wanted to do anything about it.

I guess also because there are still many un-resolved issues running around in my mind I haven't even wanted to deal with it. But, what I've come to discover is matter what we do, what God convicts us of......we cannot allow what other people choose to do to effect us. That's a hard lesson.......especially for someone like me who is such a "people pleaser". But let's face it.......we are all in denial about something.....and people I'm not trying to speak to anyone specific so chill........=)!!!! But I think denial brings us to a "death-like" feeling.....just ho hum, I guess would be the way to describe it.

It's so funny because Dr.Brown was preaching yesterday on this Legacy thing again. And he gave an example of how these big corporations would save so much money if they would just sit down and ask the employees what is wrong with their company, rather than hiring multi-million dollar consultants to come in and "figure it out". The people "running the place" know more about what's wrong then the big dogs do. So yesterday, I asked my "runners of the home" what would be something they would change, they were very eager and honest with me!!! But one thing that touched me more than anything is my sweet Hopie said, "I wish you would smile more". OUCH. Lately, I'll be honest, smiles have been few and far in between around here.

So rather than carrying around "other's denials" today, and "my denials" I choose life.........I choose to be alive in Christ the way he intends me to be. After all, that is what the cross is for......not me. Christ had to die so that we may LIVE. And yes, God does intend for us to have "abundant life" here on this challenging as it may be some days, He truly does want us to be joyful all the time. So, I'm off to enjoy my family, enjoy this beautiful day and live the abundant life He has so intended for me to have today!!! Have a blessed day!!!


Kim said...

I hope you got to spend the day smiling with your precious girls. Beautiful post today and great way to respond to Dr. Brown's message yesterday - it was awesome wasn't it?

Have fun at the cookout!

Sharon said...

Hope you are having fun at the cook out. Good for you taking a walk.
We went to some friends this moring for a swim but today was still a little slower than yesterday.
I have been working on the weight issue lately. But if I don't get the real problem cured then I am so wasting my time and efforts.
Yesterday I tried to eat my anger away. It came back today. :(
God and I are working on some issues.
I'll be glad when the issues are resolved. :)

Neva said...

Hope your day and your week is beautiful and that you have time to savor every breath.


CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for smiles! I have my stuff, too...I'm praying that we'll get every ounce of what God wants to teach us.
Love and prayers,