Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh these days

Yesterday I spent I would say 90% of my afternoon disciplining this sweet little child....ha ha. Who may you ask? Oh yes, the Kennyboo herself. I said to Kris yesterday, I'm not sure where this child came's not me. =) Taylor tends to take after Kris and Hope tends to take after me but this Kennedy...she's a whole different breed!!

I've been trying Super Nanny's advice of this naughty corner or mat thingy.....ok ya WHATEVER. Kennedy thinks time-out is a game. I said to her yesterday, "Kennedy if you throw your food on the floor ONE MORE TIME you are in TIME OUT." Her reply is this, "Ok Mommy........" she proceeds to throw her food on the floor looks at me and smiles....."I go time out...." Walks over to her spot and sits down and laughs.

THEN, she has decided that hitting is her best option to win any and every battle that she faces....I said, "Kennedy if you hit me ONE MORE TIME you are going in TIME OUT." "Ok mommy......" Then out of PURE SPITE she walks right over to me hits me and says, "Oh no.....not nice, NO HIT, I go time out."

After attempting to take a walk yesterday afternoon I realized that for the third time in my life, my child was now taking me hostage. Yes, she rules the roost, she decides when we will go anywhere and how long we will be there, she decides when it is ok for me to talk on the phone, let's me know if my cooking is YUCK.......and of course don't you dare interrupt her sleeping beauty rest for ANY REASON.....or there will be a price to pay!! HUGE PRICES!!!

She's a smart one......this kennyboo breed. Yes, she can count to seven, how I don't know.....she can roll over and certainly can play fetch....more of the throwing part than the fetching part....she can carry on a conversation longer than my husband can but drama is her middle name......OH MY and OH NOOOOOOO are among her favorite phrases.

Oh but who couldn't love this taking out of the trash can trash, temper tantrum throwing, thinking tampons are Popsicle's, Jesus love me singing, food throwing on the floor, Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! saying, ghetto dancing, stickn lip out kissing, knows it all at 19 months, right every time, puppy dog lovin, sayin "hey" to everyone in the world, daddy lovin, sissy lovin, purple lovin, baby lovin, screaming her lungs out, Barney watchin, cookie eatin, "Dat mine" sayin, throwin her bows out, potty trained wannabe over the top outrageously cute little girl! Oh yes.......this is the kennyboo breed. Unfortunately she cannot be bred again.....yes friends, She's a ONE OF A KIND.


Karen said...

Thanks for a good laugh today! I needed it, you know MATH!!! Your writing was over the top today. My goodness you do have your hands full!! Give the girls kisses for me.

Happy day
Aunt Karen

Lisa said...

I have been missing your post....I will try to keep up with them more often. Hopefully our service will be back on tomorrow....pray for our finances. All of mine are in school now....I love my mama time. Can't imagine a little girl with my 3 boys.

Love ya girl,

Teri said...

Oh I am laughing out loud right know! These girls of ours have a mind of their own.

Love ya girl,

Sharon said...

Can I say,"I feel ya"?
Last night when I got home from church there was a message from the but driver.
When she returned my call she said she had had another parent call her and tell her Julia had a pocket knife on the bus. Her Dad bought her one this summer and I had told her not to take it to school. She did. Now my son may cause problems but Julia--No.
Even the bus driver was surprised.Not only did she take it out but she decided to show the kid next to her how sharp it was and stuck it in the bottom of the seat. (Help me Lord) Who took my kid?
Now you know that the schools have very strict rules about bringing weapons to school. I just pray they are understanding and they don't suspend her. She is nine. A little young to have a record.:(
Why do they do the things they do?
I am with you on this --she must take after her Dad.