Saturday, July 14, 2007

Did ya miss me?

My friends! I'm back! I've missed you all so much! We had a blast at the was SO relaxing and just a great time of being together as a family. I also had some amazing quite times with my awesome God and I feel super dooper ready to go! I have so much to say, I don't know where to start!! Do I bore you with the details of our trip or dig right into the good stuff?? Ok, boring details just a little..........the ride to the beach wasn't as bad as I thought.........ha ha...... Ms.Kennedy slept oh.....a whole thirty minutes!! Wasn't that nice of her? So she was quite a bear that whole ride but I entertained her for quite a while with "the wheels on the bus". She LOVES the part where the Mommy's says "Shh Shh Shh"! So four grueling hours later we arrived at our AWESOME beach house that my very generous parents rented for all of us. Go check it out here: if you EVER need a place to stay at Ocean Isle, I would HIGHLY recommend this place........they had it all! Pool, toys for the kids, movies, EVERY TV station you can imagine!, breathtaking views, and just a beautiful house!

We spent a lot of time in the pool, on the beach and just soaking up the sun. The beach was great, except for the seaweed, for some reason it was really bad a couple of the days we were there, I don't know why. The weather was good and we got to experience a couple of huge storms........and yes, Kris was on the roof deck taking pictures!! I was curled up on the couch! Taylor and Hope were like little fishy's, I couldn't get them out of that water! Kennedy........she was just a mess. Thank goodness we had so many people that we all took turns with that little diva. She calls the ocean BIG POOL but doesn't want to step foot in it and just loves to rub sand in her eyes....ugh. She also threw oh so many lovely fits. I think the poor little girl is just like, what is up with this? One day were living we're living somewhere else.......when are we going home??? You know, you can't exactly explain to her that we are on vacation so have fun! But she did have a few sweet moments like when she swam in the pool by herself with swimmy's on for the first time! That was a trip!

But what was the best part about this trip??? I saw a side of my husband that was truly amazing. He really stepped it up, he helped out with the kids more than I could have asked for, and he gave me lot's of time to myself, especially in the mornings. He cooked pancakes for the girls and just was very helpful.........a mom's biggest wish while on vacation. My parents were also great helping out and even keeping the girl's one night so Kris and I could go and have a date!!

So we were supposed to come back this afternoon but it made a lot more sense for the girl's and I to drive back late last night instead of this morning. We dropped Kris off at the airport in Myrtle Beach, he's off to New York to visit his brother and run in a race in honor of his uncle. So, we went to Target after we dropped him off and got the movie Narnia, filled up their bellies and they were set to make the drive home! Right? Ha! =) If ONLY I were so blessed!! My plan for leaving at night was so that Kennedy would sleep.....and she did for the first little bit, but then just as the other two were drifting asleep she decided to keep the momma company! At least she was being pleasant, even if it was 10 pm!! We had a lot of good conversation.........."where popa?" "popa's at the beach"......"where daeee (daddy)?" "daddy's on the airplane"........"BIG POOL" "yes, Kennedy we swam in the big pool"........."pee pee, I pee pee"......"No Kennedy, No pee pee right now".....and we went through that for about an hour. Then she decided to suck her little thumb and allow Momma some peace.

So during some of my amazing time with the Lord, I was able to make sense of so much that has been happening to us lately. But you know, ol Satan........trying to steal my joy, yes he attempted but he didn't win......we got a call from our mortgage broker on Tuesday night asking for all this stuff from a lot of different people for our closing on this Thursday.......(now, of COURSE, I tried to make sure they had everything they needed BEFORE we left b/c I didn't want to get stressed out while being there, but it never works that way does it??!!) But, ya'll............I saw God work in SUCH an amazing way. We got everything she needed with time to spare!! And what a challenge that was being at the beach!! But, it all worked out and it looks like everything is set so at 10:30 this coming Thursday, Lord willing still.......we will have our new/old home!

As I reflected on this journey during my time alone........I couldn't help but be so overwhelmed with how amazing God is. I am SO glad that I have left the era of "I gotta be like everyone else". I can't tell you how many times we stretched ourselves financially just to keep up with everyone else and totally not be in God's will. Our children have seen us drastically change our lives and I am so thankful for this obedience that we have come to experience. I rejoice truly when I see God's hands upon other's lives and the blessings he is bringing them.......I do not hold any jealousy in my heart anymore. I know that this house is exactly where God wants us, and the "theme" that He keeps bringing to me is obedience isn't always fun and it certainly IS NOT always what we want!! But my sweet friends.........the joy and peace that I am able to experience far exceeds any "material" blessing of this world. And all I feel God contiunally telling me is....just obey and watch what happens!

A while back..........God gave me a vision. And I have started putting forth steps to fulfilling this vision, step one was starting that bible studying and putting my writing out there. And I know God's not done with that and as soon as we get settled that bible study will be back up and running. I don't know who will come this time, but I know God has called me to do it. But I have a dream....a vision so much bigger than just that. However, I know that at this time in my life, these girls and this husband that God has given me are my #1 mission. And I have to tell you that sometimes it much harder to be a blessing to your family that it is a perfect stranger. These days.........they will be gone faster than I will know it.........and I feel as though this is a time of preparation, studying God's word and truly learning what it means to be obedient. It's steps, that's all right now........I felt so much confirmation that one day God is going to allow this vision to be fulfilled. It's ALL I could think about, and every scripture that I read lead me back to that vision. But, it's so hard to not say, "Well God, you really could speed it up if you want to, I'm ready". But I'm so not ready! God's got so much to do through me still!!

While walking on the beach picking up sea shells I told the girls, "Do you know why mommy loves the ocean so much?" They both looked at me with their big blue eyes trying to capture the moment, and said, "Why?" and I said, "Because when you look at this world it has changed so much.......trees have been knocked down, buildings have been built........the land has changed so much. But when you look out into what seems to be an endless ocean it is the one thing that has NEVER changed, it's always looked that way, since God created it. And that is how our God is, He is always the same, we change, the world changes, but He never changes and He never will."

And that's life is going to be in constant change, it's never going to be on auto pilot, standing still. Things are in constant movement, but my God, HE is never going to be different, He will never "change His mind". His plans have been set before I was even born!! I just have to "trust and obey". Whoever would have thought that old hymn would really mean so much to me now! WOW!! I can't explain the peace and joy that I feel in truly knowing that God's hands are upon our family right now. Are things going to be smooth sailing? I'm sure NOT, but I can constantly remind myself that this is God's plan right now.

Well, I really could sit here and write so much more, but I will have to wait until tomorrow. I've got so much to get know all that fun unpacking and laundry and grocery shopping.'s just me and the girls until Monday night!!! AHHHHH. =) Just kidding, I'll be fine!! I hope to post some pictures later! Have a great weekend!


Kim said...

So glad you are back home - we missed you! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the beach. Sam and I went to Mom's for the week so I am behind in my posts as well. Praying for the closing to go smoothly!

Sharon said...

We missed you!
I am so glad God again answered prayers for a time of refreshing. How cool was you vision of the ocean and the comparison to God.
The same----never changing.
I look forward to the lessons learned and for the things He teaches you as you begin to move in to Gd's new place for you.
It was great to read your post and the new renewed energy I "hear" in your voice.
Enjoy getting settled in--but just for a little while. Because soon you will be getting settled in to your gift from God.
We will leave next Saturday for our trip to N.C. I am going to spend the day alone getting caught up on all my errands. Keith has taken everyone to the farm to play and pick the rest of the peas and watermelons.
Talk to ya soon!

Valarie said...

Hey girl! YES WE MISSED YOU!! So glad to hear how the Father spoke to you on your vacation. I love when He calls us away to re-create with Him!!! LOVE IT!

Did you say your man is a drummer? Girl, we need a back up for Jimmy at church SOOOOOOOO BAD!! We have to plan everything we do around being available at church (not REALLY a bad thing) but sometimes we need to get away! Just see if he'll consider it. What an answer to prayer that would be!! NOT a full-time commitment just a RELIABLE fill in!! Let me know!
Love ya girl.

Nicki said...

Kris does play pretty well, but he feels a little rusty to play on a Sunday morning, maybe he and Jimmy could get together and practice a bunch and then he would feel more confident. I haven't been the most willing wife to let him set up his drums in the house!! =) I'm sure you can understand that! Talk to Jimmy and see what he thinks!

Lisa said...

Welcome back Nikki.....with you and Kim both gone out of town....boy was I lost. Glad you had a good time. Isn't it awesome to be in a peaceful place with God. I am sure things will go well with the house.

Love ya,

Leigh Gray said...

yeah - everything sounds wonderful - can't wait to see the pictures!!

Have an awesome week. I will be in Charlotte on wednesday, but leaving by 6am the next morning!!

love you!