Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sick baby + Sick momma = bad night/morning

Stress + Parents house = SUPER STRESSED OUT

Answer + house = not yet.......


Kim said...

Praying things get better real soon - Hang in there!

Leigh Gray said...

oh goodness - this is not part of that stomach thing again is it???? What is going on with the little boo????

Praying for you!!!

pinkmommy said...

I am sorry y'all are sick! I am praying everyone is well soon!

Sharon said...

I hear you girl!
He is still up there and He is still watching and comforting.
You have made it past the coal stage--the diamond has been uncovered--now the master cutter is using very unusual tools to bring out the best light in the diamond.
Hold on.....this process will be over soon.
Hope you all feel better soon.
Thank ya God for the health of the people in this household.