Thursday, June 14, 2007

Old Friends

Last night at church I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years........I was very surprised to see her and I think she was surprised to see me. You know how when you haven't seen someone in so long and then you do and old memories come back and they make your stomach turn and you feel like your in high school again??? That's how I felt when I saw her. Not that she was a bad friend or we didn't get a long good, it just brought back many memories.

I had two best friends when I was in high school. One was named Heather (I'll just use her last name initial), Heather B., and Jennifer M. I miss them both so much.....I've tried to google them, but I never can find either one of them, it's like they disappeared! I always feel like God brings people into our lives at different times for different purposes. Heather B. and I, we let to many boys come between us. We became good friends in English class in our boycott against dating.......there was no one good out there, right!!! Amen!!! And then.....all of the sudden she started dating someone, and I became so of course she did the typical diss your girlfriend thing, like every girl in a new relationship does. She suddenly had so many places to go with him, hours of endless conversations (that were supposed to be with me!) and things on her mind other than our friendship. We ended up making up somehow.......she was my maid of honor in my wedding, she was even there when Taylor was born!

But what is so funny, or I should say so typical........what she did to me, I did the exact same thing to my other bf Jennifer M.!!! Now, Jennifer M and I, OH MY......we had some fun together!!! She was my wild and crazy friend! But she also had a heart of gold and was there for me whenever I needed her. Except when I got pregnant with Taylor........that's when our friendship grew apart. I even had to find a replacement for her in my wedding, I ended up using this girl at the nursing home I worked at, that I didn't even was crazy! But, for a short season after Taylor was born God brought her back into my life because she was going through a tough time with a guy she was dating. But, I'm trying to think what happened, I know she moved, but I don't know why we didn't talk anymore.

But, I seriously don't know what happened to either of those friendships.......I hope that one day I will see them again. I guess what I see through this friendship that our friends may come and go, the relationships we had may change either good or bad. But the one thing that will always remain constant in my life is my walk with God. I don't get sick to my stomach when I think about my relationship with God at any point of my life. I think I may get sick to my stomach when I think about my sins........but that's about it.

So this morning, I'm drawing near to my sweet Lord again. My heart is ok today, and I thank everyone for the prayers!! It's really helped!! We still don't have a definant answer on the house, the people are still trying to work something out........but in the meantime we've started our search again. I'm still so hopeful, so believing God, but I know whatever he has planned is way better than anything I can imagine. I e-mailed a listing to my realtor last night and hopefully we'll be able to go and see it sometime today.

I really loves Psalms, (if you can't tell!!) And this is one of my verses that I claim when nothing seems to make much sense..........Psalm 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God." Some people put their trust in so many different places rather than where it needs to go. I keep telling the girls........we are trusting in God, we are waiting on God's perfect house. And as I'm telling them this, I'm also telling myself it too!! God is not an "Old Friend" oh no!! He is a refreshing constant in my life, and I'm so thankful for that! I'm so thankful that He never disappears or goes out of my life for a season or two!!! Thank you Father!!!


pinkmommy said...

I am praying for God to direct you to the perfect house for you! Have a blessed day!

Lisa said...

Hey Nikki,

I have come to your blog through reading up on Kim's. Kim and I married cousins and I feel like I have known you forever through reading your post. I am keeping you in my prayers about the house. I don't know if you have read my latest post or not but I wanted to tell you that even though the light my seem dim at times, the power behind it is worth the wait.

Nicki said...

Thanks for stopping by Lisa! Thank you so much for praying for us during this time.....I know oh I know it only by God's grace through friends praying that he sustains me each day!