Friday, June 29, 2007

Just breathin Him in today

Today I got up very early to spend some good alone time with my Lord but OF COURSE girly's followed me up!! This will be a short one today! I spent my time in Titus.....absolutely an amazing book! As I'm pursing all these things that God is leading me to, God's doing A LOT of convicting first. I needed that this morning. Tweaking is not fun but it is necessary! A lot of times I find myself getting quite comfy in my little walk with the Lord......but I don't ever have this thing down!!

My parents come back tonight.........(sigh....) just kidding! I know my mom reads this! =) It has been nice just being a family this week but we're heading down the homestretch!!! This week is busy and then next week we'll be at the beach........then the next week we close on our home!! yay!! Kris and I have all of the sudden had much to talk about!! Which is good!! We've got big projects for this little ol house. I think it's going to be a good experience for us.

Well, Kris is home today, yay!! So I think I'm off to get a much needed haircut and I need to find a new swimsuit for the beach...........NOT excited about that. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold..........well have a great day, a great weekend and please stop by and check out my new bow blog!

ps-I've also added feedblitz to this blog so you can subscribe if you'd like to! It lets you know when I've added a new post. Terri, this is the thing I was telling you about, click on it on the side and then you can put it on your bloggy too! Thanks!!


Leigh Gray said...

yes, you totally rock!!! love it!!

Karen said...

Hey there,

I have been reading your site for some time and have really enjoyed it. Your writing is incredible! Such a gift.

I was very excited to hear about your house. It really wont matter about the size as long as the house is filled with love and laughter. Laughter is a must for any home improver, as Dan and I have been there and are still there. Oh, the funny stories I could tell!

I remember when my mom and dad were remolding our very small home and all seven of us shared one room. And can you believe my mom would dog on us that it was not clean! But the fun times we had in that room have never left me.

Lynn has the smallest home I have ever seen. Yet she still hold bible studies with as many as 20 women at at time. Ask her about it, as I don't really know how they all fit! I think it is just her desire to share Gods word that makes it work. Maybe God shrinks them all down.

Good for you on your blog. I have put a few cats on e-bay just to see what would happen. I sold one and have had bids, but did not meet the reserve. Still working on that blog. I think I am a little computer challenged!

Now what I want to know about is your calling from God. As I have read, this happened around the time you were 17?? I would like to know the details about it.

Well a good and happy day to you. When looking for a bathing suite I found it helpful NOT to look in the mirror! Just kidding! Everyone is beautiful, just need to look inside.

Aunt Karen

Sharon said...

Enjoy your haircut time. We so need to take care of us.
I have a gift card that my sister in law sent me to a store named Fresh Market. Since I am in to the "food thang"--I think I may try to sneak away today and use it.
BTW--I have been wearing the same bathing suit for at least two or three years. I found a pair of nylon running shorts that match it and until I find something similar it will remain my bathing suit. That is unless I loose the rest of the weight I need to loose then I will have to get a new one to be decent. :) Which, unless I watch the "food thang"--will never happen. ;)

Nicki said...

Hey Aunt Karen!!! I'm so glad you left a comment!! Did you see the headbands??? They are a big hit!! Taylor's friends love them! I'm still tweaking everything though. I can't tell you how awesome you were to inspired me a great deal to get going!!

You are so funny and I just love you so much!! I can't wait for you to see our cute little house and I WILL be e-mailing you all kinds of pictures asking for help!!!

I can't believe grandma put you all in one room!! I'll have to see if mom remebers that!! crazy!! =) So I guess the girls will survive if all of you did!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you were here, I will post a post about how God called me next week...and I found a swimsuit but, I didn't even try it on!!! AHHH!!! =)
Love ya!!

Neva said...

You sound happy---that makes me happy. Today is a great day and I know I must truly be God's favorite child. I can just tell you feel the same way too.


Sharon said...

Sorry about the bathing suit. I would rather have a migraine than to have to find a bathing suit. Good thing I have a bathing suit. :)
I did not get to go spend my card. Details just did not work out.But now I have something to look forward to.
Hope you find a suit.
How fun that your aunt was reading your blog.
You have a fantastic weekend.
Oh---have you done a post on the callig you got when you were 17?
If so let me know so that i can read it.
I got my calling at the same age.
I can still remember where I was when it happened.