Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just gotta know............

Ok ya'll, I've been digging through some other blogs and I gotta know what's REALLY up with all the mom's. Do ALL of your children have schedules written out? Chore charts displayed? Meals planned out for the whole year?? Cleaning schedules of your own? Home organization binders????

I was reading this one blog, and I guess to keep things nice, (although I'm not being critical just asking) I won't say which one it was, but this woman made me feel like I'm a horrible mom, and I was telling Kris about it, and he was like, "well why aren't you doing that??" (meaning he agrees with her system) She has EVERYTHING on her blog from the moment she opens her eyes until she shuts them, every little detail worked out. She has four kids and home schools all of them. They only watch TV one hour a week, and then eat these elaborate meals each night. She says her house is always clean and she has a perfectly happy healthy body and marriage. Just reading it made my head spin!!!

But then I really started that the way we are supposed to be as moms? Have I failed???? I will say this........I know I need to work on my organization skills but do I need to be that extreme? Do I need a home organization binder?? But are you so uptight with a schedule like that, that you can't ever just drop everything and go meet friends at the park? Or go out to eat? Do you have to "plan" your fun???

I guess b/c my mom worked when we were younger, and I'm not saying that in a bad way, and b/c I was the baby of the family, I never saw what a real stay at home mom did. And my mom wasn't exactly Mrs.Suzy Homemaker, she was more like Mrs.Betty Crocker Box Mix! =) (she'll laugh at that one!) I will say this, people have always told me I should do what works for me, and I know my system isn't working, but I guess I'm just wondering how extreme do I need to go to get things just right around here?? And with moving in with my parents in a few days, I feel the need to get more organized more than ever. So I'm not being critical I just really want to know what's up with all you stay at home moms. What's your plan? Do you think that being that way works? What doesn't work? How far do I need to go to get organized and create a more peaceful, disciplined environment, instead of "AHHHH......what am I doing????" Do you have binders? schedules? meal schedules?

ps- I'm QUITE sure this woman's one year old never spits at her!!! (kennedy just spit at me...........)


Anonymous said...

You know - sounds great to live that way but face it Nikki - that is not who God created us to be. What would the world be like without FLEXIBLE moms like us? My goal is to be just the best that I can be each day - and if one day doesn't go well - I try to make ammends for it the next! Hang in there - the time for organizing will be there when those precious girls are grown! Let's just aim to be organized Grandma's - there's a goal we might reach!
Living for Him ONE DAY AT A TIME,

Nicki said...

ahhhh.........refreshing words! thank you!!! =) Oh ya, I read her blog today and she posted during a time that was NOT ON HER SCHEDULE!!! =) hee hee!! Taylor is very excited about her trip tomorrow to the nursing home.....she also prayed for Sam tonight and his spelling bee!!! =) So sweet!!!

CrownLaidDown said...

SO VERY GLAD that God blessed you today through my pics! :)

I am a go with the flow, Mom. Nothing scheduled, very little planned...I just wait and see what God is up to...Now my house is not often as clean as I'd like it and yes that is play dough stuck in the carpet, but I plan to someday have it up! Right now I'm just enjoying my young 'uns (as Beth might say). We have company pretty often, so I get it sort of cleaned, but as for being organized and planned?? No...but I'm reading a book about it--does that count?

You're a great Mom, I know...just tell them about the Lord and how faithful He them that Mom and Dad love them so much! That will go so far.

In His Joy,

Tanya said...

Hey Nicki! I love this post. You echo my thoughts so well!! I often feel I'm running to catch up with Super-Mom next door (or on the next blog!). I'll tell you ... When our first child was born (over three years ago) I had spreadsheets. Everything was scheduled. The TV was rarely on. Everything was in place and seemingly perfect. Then came #2 -- a completely different creature. Now my life is semi-scheduled. We have some events on the calendar, some rituals/habits we get into, but things are pretty easy-going now. My son demands it! He needs the "down-time" and flexibility to feel stability. Otherwise, he just gets a little crazy. So ... like someone else said, you kinda gotta figure out what works best for you and ignore the Wonder-Moms. God has given us each gifts. Housekeeping is definitely not one He gave to me! :)

All that said, there is one book I've read that REALLY helped me have a more comfortable, orderly home --- Organizing Magic by Sandra Felton. I've got a partial review on my website. It's nice bite-size pieces that really work. Maybe you'll find it helpful, too!