Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fresh Water!!!

Oh this morning, I have received some good fresh water! I'm back in John this morning, we are now in Chapter 4, This is where Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman. I always like to picture how things were while I'm studying God's word, and I have to say that this is only my view on how it was, and I'm defiantly NOT a bible scholar, but I've got an imagination, so it makes it a lot more interesting to PICTURE how it was.

This chapter 4 starts off telling us that Jesus was still baptizing more people than John the Baptist, I'm not quite sure, but apparently this is important because this is the SECOND time John has shared this with us. But here's what got says in verse 2 that is wasn't actually Jesus baptizing but his disciples. I wonder why that was? I guess I could kind of think of it like how at our church, Dr.Brown doesn't do ALL the baptizing, other ministers do it probably more than he does. But my footnotes tell me that no one was baptized without Jesus's approval.

So Jesus is heading back to Galilee, and he had to go through Samaria to get there. He stops in a town called Sychar, and I imagine is pretty thirsty. I would be almost positive to say that the water well was somewhere in the middle of town, it was a place that had to be centrally located so everyone could have access to it. So I would think that there would be a market around there and perhaps benches, just a pretty busy area where a lot of people would gather, although Sychar was a small town, I think anyways. I can just picture Jesus sitting on a stone, certainly not a bench, I don't think they had those back then, but you never know! Just sitting there taking it all in. Oh what I would give to be inside Jesus's head for one second! Just to know what he was thinking about!

So Jesus is sitting there I'm almost positive by himself since his disciples had gone to buy him some food and up walks this Samaritan woman to the well. Ok I just read some foot notes and it says that this was in the middle of the day, not a busy time at the well, most people would come later in the evening when it was cooler out. Jesus asks her for a drink. I can almost see her so taken back by this like, excuse me.........are you talking to ME? She says to him, "You are a Jew, I am a Samartian you can't ask me for a drink!"

Jesus says to her in verse 10, "If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water."..........I can't help but laugh at her response, it's not funny, but it is, She says, "Sir, you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep!" She's like, ok......this man has lost his mind, what on earth is he talking about, but she's trying to be SO polite to him! And then she asks him, "Where do you get this living water from?" Jesus explains to her that only through HIM will she drink and never be thirsty again. The woman is like, Well that sounds pretty amazing, give me this water! I think like anyone else, she's thinking it's actual water.

Then Jesus calls her out on her sins.........he says to her Go and get you husband. Well, little does she know that's she's speaking to God himself and she tells a lie! She says I have no husband. This is funny, the Lord's reply is, "Oh........your right, YOU HAVE FIVE husbands! AND the man you are with NOW isn't your husband either." I can almost see her eyes pop out of her head. Then she realizes.........ok, this is not some ordinary man but does she realize yet that she's actually speaking to Christ himself? No.

Jesus goes on to tell her about who is the true God and the one she is to worship. And she replies to him......."I know the messiah is coming when he gets here he will explain everything." Oh can't you just see Jesus look deep into her eyes as he's walking away from her and says these simple words, "I who speak to you am he." I bet he turned and walked away after that. She must have stood there in just complete shock. What did she do with this experience she had? We'll get into that tomorrow. Oh what I would have given to be there just for a moment to see that whole scene play out!

Yesterday afternoon, I got some good preaching from my six-year old! =) You know it's always so fulfilling when they come to you with a "word from God"!! We were sitting on on the porch just enjoying the beauty that God had given us. She says to me, Mommy why are you so sad? I was like, ouch. I think we as mom's try to hide our inner feelings so much to protect our children from seeing the truth, but they can see right through it! I said to her, I'm not sad, I'm just stressed out about a lot of things today, I'm sorry. She tells me, But Mommy, you were a good momma today. (I thought am I not a good mom every day??) I said thank you Taylor. She pauses and says, "You know we just gotta figure out God's will for our lives, He has blessed us so much and He's going to take care of us." I just stopped and stared into her pretty blue eyes, and I said, Yes Taylor, you are so right. Well, she didn't stop there! She started telling me all the ways God has blessed our family and al the provisions He has made for us. It was actually quite entertaining, I might have a little evangelist on my hands!!!

I realize that God is working. My mom said something neat to me the other day she said, "Nicki, I just can't wait to see how this is going to turn out. God's got something big coming up and you just have to be obedient right now." She's right, it's pure obedience that He longs for from me, in every area of my life. Oh I'm so glad I got to spend some good time in God's word this morning. But I do hear those girly's upstairs getting into something. Kennedy is making strides towards walking!!! I think she's at the point where she's like ok, this crawling thing........not so fun! She sees her sissy's outside having fun and wants to join in so bad. But she's a sassy little thing........snapping her fingers at me!! Trust me, I did slap her little hands when she did that, her dear sweet daddy taught her that and thought it was funny and now it is not! Well, the day awaits! Have a very blessed day, it's chilly here!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when God uses kids to minister to you? I am so richly blessed to have this happen daily in the classroom. :) Tell Taylor that I have missed her this week - Praying for you as you continue to travel on this journey.

Kim Staples

Nicki said...

I have to tell you Kim that I believe so much of Taylor's knowledge is from you! You have blessed her life so much and I can see the fruits of your labor in her! You are just awesome! Thanks for the prayers, they are MUCH appreciated!! =) Taylor has missed you so much this week, it's like she doesn't know what to do with herself without structure!! =)