Friday, March 30, 2007

We're trying to get going!!!

Oh my ya'll, this is just like the enemy to get me this morning. He know HOW bad Kris and I need this weekend away. My MP3 player is not working still after spending hours trying to fix it last night. It keeps saying DRM Error, so if ANYONE knows what I can do to fix it PLEASE let me know STAT! =) I can use Taylor's...........but all she has on there is Hillary Duff, and Kidz Bop praise. =) So, at least I will have that, but oh how my soul is going to long for my praise music, I'm telling ya'll, it's the only thing that keeps me going. I was able to put a few of my songs on her's but not nearly as many as I'm gonna need.

THEN, I've got to run Hope to the dr.'s, her whole right eye is swollen, she can't even open it, bless her heart, she looks like she's been beat up. I'm not sure what on earth is wrong, I'm sure it's allergies or something, but I know my mom would flip out if I sent her to her house looking like that!

I was up so late last night trying to get things done, and then I just couldn't sleep. Thanks to everyone who is helping us out, all three girls are going three or four different places! I OWE everyone!!!

Ok so I'm nervous, my first race, I don't know if I'm ready, but I've been working hard, so we'll see!!! I just don't want to finish last!!! Reminds me of gym class, you know when you had to run the mile..........I was always one of the last. =( But I WILL be victorious, we WILL get on the road! I just hope, HopeAnn is ok.

The girls did great last night,they did end up having their game, it was fun. They were so excited!!

Well, ok, I'm off, I'll be sure to post all the results Monday. And some pics! Have a blessed weekend! Love to everyone!!


Leigh Gray said...

Can't wait to hear/read how you all did. I know you had a good time!!

talk soon, Leigh

Nicki said...

I am SO ENVIOUS OF YOU!!!! BETH MOORE!!! AHHHH!! How AWESOME is that!!! Maybe she reads your blog???!!! =) Hee hee! have a good day!