Monday, March 12, 2007

My Oh My

What a day this has been. It's just been one of those, "if something can go wrong it's going to" type of days! I guess my streak of bad things started Friday afternoon, and it just hasn't stopped. But with Kennedy down for a nap finally and the girls outside playing nicely, I hate to say this but I finally have some time to spend with my Lord.

I don't know why God allows it to pour when it rains, but He does.I guess it's all a part of shaping and growing us into the people He desires us to be. Right now though I feel like standing on top of a mountain and screaming until my heart is content, but this blog will have to do! =) I feel like I also just need to have a good's a woman thing. Everything inside bottling up and it just needs to come out.

I do know this much, Satan would love nothing more than for me to get myself worked up right now, so that he can take my focus off of the Lord. With bible study in a few hours, I know I've got to get my heart right. the tears are starting to come out. I knew if I sat down and started to write about all of this, it would happen. But it needs to happen. God is working I know that, I feel that, I just feel like God is doing some things in me right now that just aren't fun. As He shapes and molds us into his children there are many things that have to change. There may be things that he takes away, there may be many tears cried. But I know my Father loves me, and I know He's guiding me into his arms right now.

Everyday isn't going to be an on top of the mountain day, I wish, oh I wish everyday could be that way. I have found joy in all of this though, with those sweet girls. As I picked Taylor up from school, her smile just warmed my heart, as Hope made me a card just because she loves me, it warmed my heart, as Kennedy made her first attempt at climbing the stairs, (and succeeded!) I laughed at her face as she thought she was so "big", it warmed my heart. It's a beautiful day, the air is warm and the sun in shinning. It warms my heart to look at God's beauty all around. No matter what is happening, He is still there with his big sunshine shinning down on this heart of mine.

I think of this verse in Psalm 67: "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us." mmmm, sweet thoughts, sweet words, sweet promises. So, I'll be back in John tomorrow, hopefully this time change won't mess me up again and I'll be able to crawl outta that bed nice and early so that at least I can start my day right! Enjoy the rest of your day, may you find God's blessings all around you too!

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