Friday, March 09, 2007


This week, I've noticed something about my quite times. I've been missing some fruit in my life. Not the kind you eat, well, not eat with your mouth, but the Fruit of The Spirit. As I sit here right now, I feel so unworthy to even write this morning. I must confess that this week I haven't been at my best with everything. But, I know that I've laid it all down and I know I'm forgiven. I love the bumper sticker that says, "Christians aren't perfect, we're just forgiven!" That is so true for me today! I definitely have NOT had a "perfect" week!

None the less, I press on this morning. Two more days until Sunday, love Sundays (once we GET to church!). But until then, I will have some good church right here in my office! =) So this morning we are back in John. Is anyone reading this? Are you enjoying it? Or is it just me and my excitement??!!! =)

John 1: 14 "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. we have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

Just one verse this morning. It says all that my heart needs to hear today. The "word=Jesus" became flesh.........Once again another statement as to the deity of Christ. Oh what I would have given to lived in those days.......sometimes I think God sent me here a few years to late!! =) Ha, but then I think oh my, would would I do without all of my modern conveniences?? I just can't even imagine the excitement to those who believed in Christ and his birth. Then I stop and think.........would I have been one that believed??? I mean I believe now, because I have seen the truth, but back then would I have been one that doubted? I don't know........I don't think I would have doubted because as this verse says, they "saw his glory". I love to imagine what it must have been like to see Jesus walking around doing miracles and sharing the message.

The last part of this verse says, "The one and only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." The grace of's just so incredible. I could write forever about it and you know I'm always saying how important God's grace is to me. But God's truth.........what does that mean to me? That's something to think closely about today. I think it could go back into this praying scripture. So many times I believe the devil will try to pop things in our head that isn't the truth, even while we are praying, but oh wow, if we are praying God's own words, there is no way we can fail in praying the truth..........therefore putting the truth into our hearts. I realize that today I need to do that. I've allowed a lot of lies to get at me this week. The lies of "your a failure, what were you thinking not taking that job?" "you're never gonna get all this weight off", "what kind of mom are you???", oh I could go on and on. You see, even though I do get up every morning and spend time with my Lord, I still go under attack and unless I'm putting up my shield of faith and blocking these attacks, I am defeated. Why oh why do I allow myself to do that??

So this morning, I'm taking this verse: Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God" and I'm praying it! I'm asking, I'm believing and I'm receiving! NOTHING is impossible with my Lord. I know that I can do everything, I can accomplish everything and I can be everything that God wants me to be THROUGH HIM. By his grace and HIS truth. Powerful stuff!!

Well, gotta run, have a blesse day! Comment if you wish! I love your comments!! =)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Nicki. You should not be so hard on yourself, you've always done a great job especially with your daughters. I could not have dreamed for a better Mom for my Granddaughters, they will grow to be beautiful young ladies which is rare in this day and age. Regarding the weight thing, I know what you're going through, it's very difficult and you're on the right track, it takes time to get it off the right way, slow and steady. Don't give up! If you have a bad day just start over again the next day, I seem to do that a lot! Your blog helped me today to focus and believe that something good will come of all this if I just keep praying and believing. The bottom has basically fallen out of our world the past few days and I'm so depressed it's hard to get out of bed in the morning. Gary and I are both looking for employment now which is not a good thing. Nobody thinks of you as a failure because you didn't take that job, the right one will come along, hopefully your website will be a huge success and you won't have to go out to work. Your family is what is important, we are all behind you. Don't worry about what other people say, it's not worth it....Have a great day. Barb

Nicki said...

Thanks for your sweet words! I think that it is always finding joy no matter what we are going through big or small! Have a good day!

Eve Nielsen said...

Romans 8:37

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
(Not failures-been struggling with that myself, this week).