Friday, February 02, 2007

Making the most of what we've got!

This morning I am in a great passage. It's in Matthew 25:14-30, the parable of the Talents. Wow, my heart has a lot to say from this passage. God has said several things to me this morning. First, if you aren't familiar with how the story goes, here's my short version:

There are three servants who their master gives them each different amounts of money. The first man received five talents and went right away and put his money to work and gained five more. The second man had two talents and did the same. The third man only had one talent and he went and dug a hole in the ground to hide it. (that would be my Taylor! that girl has money hidden all around her room!) So the master comes back and wants a report of what has happened to each of these servants monies. He is very pleased with the first and second servant and the third he's absolutely furious with. In fact this master is very harsh with this third servant! The point of the story is that the master is pleased with the servants who took risks, they put themselves out there and didn't just sit and wait for a miracle, they DID something. The third one didn't.

So there are several things that are popping out at me through this passage. 1. God likes us to take risks (I believe both financially and spiritually through this passage). He doesn't just want us to sit on our behinds waiting for our miracle. We have to be "doers". 2. Whatever the risk we take though, it should be an educated risk. I'm quite sure that the first servant did his homework on where to put his money to work. He didn't just "take a chance, living on a prayer." 3. The third servant unfortunately reminds me of myself quite a bit. I'm not a big risk taker. I like to have things comfortable and safe. For example, Kris recently opened up an IRA, and I was totally against it, but now I see the importance of taking a risk.

This hits right at home with my heart today. As I'm trying to decide what to do about starting this eBay business or not, I've really had a struggle. First, it's not a huge risk financially, but there are going to be some expenses to get started. I've done things on ebay before, I know it works, so it's not like I'm just stepping out into unknown territory. Last, I want to make sure when I stand before God one day, He is proud of me and what I've done with what he's given to me, not just financially but also with the spiritual gifts he's placed in my heart. Just like this servant who buried his treasure, how often do we bury out gifts in our hearts in fear that someone will judge us? Taking that step of faith and making the most of what we've got, that's a huge act of obedience! But I'm there, I want to obey God and do whatever he's told me to do!

Mmmm, good stuff from God's word this morning! Even though it's a late start. I was up to late last night watching all my favorite shows! =) I know you're wondering how yesterday went right??? You know my challenge to praise my hubby??? Well, let me first start off saying, it was NOT the easiest thing to do. He came home from work early due to the weather and immediately starting messing with the girls. For some odd reason he thinks it's fun to make them scream by tickling them to the point of insanity! They DON'T like this, nor do I (cuz of the screaming) So, finally they all calmed down and our gas logs had not been working and I really enjoy them on because they heat the living room up GOOD. So without me saying anything, he just started working on fixing it, that's Kris, Mr.Fix it! Well, he got it to work!! BINGO, something to praise daddy about all day!!! I told the girls, they were excited with me. I have to say, it felt good to have something to really praise him about. As hard as it was to find something at first, I kept praying for God to show me something. Unfortunately, the logs aren't working again this morning, but I won't mention it!!! =) So again I will look today for something I can praise him about!

Well, much to do, better get going, Have a blessed day and a great weekend!

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