Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Oh it's a good day. It's Sunday morning, I'm up and God has spoken to me already, before church! This has been a really bad week, but guess what? Today is the start of a brand new week. That is what I love so much about our God, is that He is always ready for us to have a fresh new start! I had to do some major confessing of the sins this morning! Life just hasn't been all peachy this week, and I have allowed many things to bring me down and to cause me to stumble. Even though I really did try to have a good week, I didn't try hard enough. Guess what was missing? My JOY. My joy wasn't in anything that I did or said last week, all because of this job situation. I've just been so stressed out with everything that I've been eating wrong, not exercising and most importantly, just coming to God with "THIS IS WHAT I WANT......." I've been weak spiritually, emotionally and physically. But like I said, it's a new week, a new day and a fresh start!

This morning I'm in the book of Romans. Talking about how weak we are without the Spirit living in our lives. I feel the urgency to say this, I feel that there may be someone reading this blog that has never asked the Lord to be just that, The Lord of their personal life..........unles we get to the point where we are completely broken before our God, know that He died to set us free, and we are ready to surrender our lives over to Him, it is not possible to live by the Spirit because you have not asked the Spirit to live inside of you! We can go to church our whole lives and never know the truth that we must ask the Jesus to be our Saviour and to trust in Him at all times. Obviously if you read this blog, you see that my life as a Christian isn't all aweseome and totally great all the time. But I hope you have seen where I put my hope, and that is in Jesus. What He did for us and what He's offering you is this..........eternal life, here and in heaven. Forgiveness! Mercy! Grace! Goodness! Blessing! all of those come along with Him. It doesn't say ANYWHERE in the bible that we will not suffer, have heartaches or anything awful in our lives again, in fact it's quite opposite, The bible says to consider trials and tribulations pure joy because they make us depend on Him and trials make us grow into stronger Christians.

So this morning I'm reading through Romans 8:26. This is my prayer today. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercededs for the saints in accordance with God's will." Oh how powerful those words are! There have been several times this week where I've come to God and said, I just don't know what to pray. I don't want to pray for this job to work out if it's not His will.........because then it's going to be a bad thing. Sometimes in my life I have found that when I pray for something that isn't what God wants he says, HERE YOU GO........and I end up falling flat on my face! But what this verse is saying to me is that the Spirit is interceeding for us, The Spirit knows what God's will is and he's constantly searching our hearts! I think I should take Mother Tereasas good advice.........someone once asked her what she said when she talked to God and she said, I say nothing......I just listen!!!! mmmmmmmm.......wise words, from a wise woman!!

Well, on another note, the girls had their first game yesterday! It was so cute!!! They did all their cheer with so much spirit and their dance was really good too. Coaching has just been a joy for me. I've seen Taylor's confidence grow tremendously as well! It's been fun!

Well, I'd better go so I can take this puppy for a walk. He's so cute, the way he turns his head to look at me. He stinks though....needs a bath! He's getting a lot better with the girls, although yesterday he did tackle Hope to the ground. He's almost up to her waist now.........she's she gets scared! Well, have a very blessed Sunday!

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