Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My day is getting better!

What a rough start to my day I had this morning! Ms.Kennedy must have some teeth coming in because she is just ILL with everyone. She was up about four times last night just screaming! No fever, no cough, no runny noise.....just screaming. Here's a praise: my hubby actually got up with her last night! I had a horrible headache last night and I was just out of it and all I did was say, do you mind getting her some Tylenol for her teeth? And he did it! So needless to say, I overslept through my quite time this morning and we were running late to get HopeAnn to preschool. So I get them loaded up in the cold van and we're pulling out and I thought something wasn't right........sure enough I had a VERY flat tire. So back in the driveway we went. Luckily we live close enough to Hopie's school that we were able to walk, but oh my it was COLD. So, about 9:30 she finally got to her school! So after that I came home put Ms.Grouchy down for a nap and drank a big cup of coffee. I feel MUCH better now! So this day can only get better!

Now if I could just get the energy to get all of this laundry done today, life would be good. I have to ask if anyone out there has any advice on this laundry situation. Do you do loads every day? Once a week? Do you have a certain day that is just laundry day? Does your husband help? Do your kids help? I just need some ideas. So post your thoughts.......if you dare. =)

Yesterday was a very trying day with HopeAnn. She is just constantly pushing me to my limits. She's so funny too that I just can't help buy laugh at the things she says. She is so honest with me too, she'll be the first one to tell me I'm looking rough that day, or I need to put some makeup on. She's also the first one to let me know if our house is a mess. "Mommy, you need to clean this house." (she'll say in her redneck accent) Yesterday we were driving to pick up the girls from school and she told me she learned about rollers at school. I said, "rollers? what on earth?" She says, "Yes, ROLLERS you know what you measure stuff with." I laughed and said, "Oh you mean rulers...." "NO MOMMY, ROLLERS." She reminds me so much of myself...which can be scary!

Well, this not a very spiritual entry today........sorry, I'll be up tomorrow morning digging away! Have a blessed day!!

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