Wednesday, August 16, 2006

English Please!!!

Ok, I know that's a really weird title but oh my goodness. I am having a TIME in the book of Job. Have you ever gone to the Dr. and they are trying to explain things to you about what could be wrong or what's wrong and they start to tell you all these tests they are going to do and yada yada yada. And you're like um, I think I might need an interpreter for this one. That is how I feel with God right now. I feel so awful to say that but I just can't make a whole lot of sense of what exactly God is trying to say through chapters 38-42. I've really been trying to read it verse for verse and figure out exactly what each analogy means but it's getting difficult. Or maybe I'm just tired. I'm determined to finish and finish strong because I feel like God's got something to say to me through this book of the bible. And I'm so not done being tested. But I know God is speaking to me through this small storm in my life, it's nothing comparable to Job but there are some things that I'm just very frustrated with right now and I'm just saying Speak Lord, Speak. Today is Taylor's first day of school. She looked very pretty and was very excited but a little nervous. I'm anxious to hear all about it. I was a little sad this morning, but after I walked her to her class I was ok. It was good to see all the other mom's and catch up with everyone. Hope has been a little lonely today but luckily she has a friend coming over tomorrow so she'll be happy. And she starts school in a couple of weeks. I just won't know what to do, just me and little missy Kennedy! I've got lot's of projects to get started on! Well, I know this hasn't been a very interesting blog entry today, I'll pray that God will reveal SOMETHING to me through the rest of the day! I hope you are enjoying your day, it's rainy and humid here. Have a great day!

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