Friday, July 28, 2006

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are awaking as cheerful as I am today. I got a great night's sleep that was much needed!!! Today's a busy day so I wanted to write early. Kennedy's got her 6 month check up, yes my baby is growing and I can't stand it!!! And my dad is taking Taylor and Hope to the pool and I still haven't packed anything for our trip! Kris went and picked up the golf cart we are borrowing yesterday, the girls were so excited!! I don't know if any of you watched I guess it was Prime Time live last night with Andrea Yates. What a story that was, I could hardly watch it, my heart was just so sunk. Her children were the same age as mine and I just couldn't imagine doing that to them, no matter how burned out I got. In my opinion she HAD to be mentally ill to do something like that. I don't think she did it to make her life easier like someone had said. A mommy just can't do something like that. Kris was a little more judgmental that I was, He thinks she should have the death penalty. But I think that's easy for a man who's never had post-partum to deal with to say!!! I'm not here to judge her and God really knows what happened to those children and I do believe they are in His arms now. After watching it it made me want to go get Kennedy up and just hold her, but I resisted, she's been a little spoiled by this momma lately. I was thinking about how with Taylor I read so many books, she listened to classical music every day, she wore all matching clothes and we tried to everything JUST right. We never held her to much and we let her cry when all was well with her. Then we had Hope and we tried to do the opposite of what didn't work with Taylor and I guess she turned out ok, and then we have Kennnedy, the baby. Every rule is thrown out the door, she's held constantly, she has constant attention and everywhere we go she is SPOILED rotten. But, it doesn't frustrate me, it makes me smile. She's the baby and she knows it. If she wasn't my last, I think I'd be different but I just can't help it. I just want to eat her all day. These baby days go by way to fast and I know that before I can blink I'll be walking her to kindergarten just like Taylor and crying my eyes out. Oh how I dread that day!!! Well, I'm sure there are many mummy's who can relate. Well, speaking of that baby, I hear her stirring in her room, so I'd better go, she slept in today!! I hope everyone has a great day. I'm trying to find some answers to my Job quiet time from our pastor, I e-mailed him so I'll be sure to post what he says!!!

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