Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Oh i so just need to escape right blogland will have to do! Thank you for allowing me to escape. I'm so just YUCK today. Not like down or depressed or anything just....blah. I keep telling myself this is only a season.......I know it is, but it's a very lonely,trying season. Yes I have a few friends and yes I have my bloggers =) But some days, like today knowing I need to be home all day since we have church tonight and the laundry has piled up to the just gets to be kinda blah blah. If you've been a stay at home mom or even part time stay at home can understand this feeling.

I love being able to be home with the girls, but some days, like today......I must confess it's not very exciting. =) Hope is in the other room going "We need a K we need a Y we need a K-E-Y." (some cheer she has made up for the moment) Kennedy is walking around talking to "gi gi" on the phone....."uh huh, hey, ok (giggles) mmm hmm, ya, BYE". The dryer is humming softly and soon the obnoxious buzzer will let me know it's time to fold and put away! I'm so over Barney and "me mo" (nemo) and I truly just wish I could head to the mall for a few hours to escape!! But taking Kennyboo to the mall just doesn't fly to well with her! She likes to "escape" from me! Plus it's almost nap time.....THANK GOODNESS.

Well screaming is now coming from the other room so I guess I'd better go put the referee hat on. (rolling of the eyes) just wanted to say hello to you all today! Trying to have a blessed day........I REALLY am. =)


Sharon said...

Know what you are going through girl. I call it lock down. Buried between the four walls of the house.Something about fall and a little cool air makes me want to get out.
Keith has been out of town since Friday--he is coming back today!!!!!!!! Happy because he will be home and happy because I will get a little relief and escape from the house for awhile.
Oh, I did get out today and go to the orthodontist. Can we say fun?
I will get my braces off in two weeks! Thank you Jesus.
Until then I have enough rubber bands in my mouth to..hmmmm. Well just a lot of rubber bands.
How is the weight thing going?
I have been blowing it while Keith has been out of town.
I love the cool weather and the chance to bake. Bad news because then I eat.
Anyhoo, hope your day is a little better.
Got to go and make the bed and do some laundry--see you are not alone. :)

Nicki said...

Thanks so much for asking about the weight's actually going very well. I'm trying desperately to stay focused. I will weigh in on Friday and post my results. So we shall see!! TWO weeks till no more braces??? That's awesome!! I know you're excited! Can't wait to see pics! =) Have fun with your laundry and stuff!!

ValleyGirl said...

Man, it seems everyone's having a 'season of discontent' around here! I'm the same way. Can't really put my finger on it, but just don't feel like doing anything, talking to anyone, going anywhere, and usually end up biting my girls' heads off for stupid things. What is it with us?

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